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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I can’t find where to contact you. I recently purchased a foot bath and thought I was going to get two separate plates (one for each foot). Ae you still selling separate plates? If not, can I return the foot plate? Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    I was just listening to the ‘broadcast’ of St. Germain. And I wonder if you could answer some questions I have. First, he or the woman channeling him said “The shift of the Ages has come – you are all on schedule and ALL is well”. My comment to this “where is it that ALL is well? The world rather looks like the same hellhole it looked like for Millennia”. Then “Dream your dream and carry your swords high” – I once heard – the one who takes up the sword will die by it – or to make it more clear to Americans – if you buy weapons you will have to use them, and they will be used against you. Next “Settle back and enjoy what is to come” – and that would be? More fake democracies around the planet and a super UN ruling over them all, more nuclear fallout giving the Northern hemisphere cancer like never before? “It is time for BRETHREN (brothers is a term used in freemasonry a lot) of other realms and places to be with you” – Did you ever hear about the so called hybridization programs or to stay on Earth genetic manipulation to breed a new service race for the powers to be? “Peace is coming for all” – yeah, there will be no more dissent if some pseudo space brothers come and say it’s all good now, we are here. And I tell you they will NOT be from outer space! “I am your brother, I AM the sun of freedom, I am St. Germain.” Look, I don’t want to be harsh on you because I see your good motives, but this whole (I)A.M. – Ascended Masters stuff is another CO(HE)N coming out of Theosophy of dubious Ms. Bla-vat-sky the opium puffer – and since all cults / sects are quickly being infiltrated or deliberately set up to steer the masses I’s say you’ve been mislead. Alone the “Lean back, all is well statement could not be farther from the truth and is perfect for weed smoking fellas who just wanna see the good side of everything. We are going into this new Golden Dawn under many false pretenses and I say this is one, as are most of the channeled feel good stories while the powers to be install more and more surveillance, conquer the planet installing easily controlled regimes and amalgamate it under the superUN(E) – une – french for ONE. E pluribus unum comes in many guises and flavors and there is one for every type of human. Please do not see this as hate speech or deliberate attack on your beloved ‘masters’ – think about it and maybe you will see that not all ‘bright light’ is essentially a ‘good force’ but it might blind you and you don’t see what is behind the light bulb. Thanks for listening 😉


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