Now that the north american food chain is obviously becoming more unhealthy and radioactive…. Ionic foot baths can assist with detox from radioactive heavy metals… (I sell the plates for $175 + S&H within North America), which allow you to create the ionic foot bath experience, with a battery charger and warm salt water.  There is also several other benefits, including localized breaking up of acid crystals in feet… a rebalancing of body chemistry and much more.  People sometimes fear what they do not know, but to date, no recorded deaths from ionic foot baths… safer than peanuts… safer than a visit to the doctor’s office who may prescribe harmful medications.. as safe as marijuana.

THE KEY TO HEALTH IS TO CLEAR ALL YOUR ORGANS AND TO BALANCE YOUR BODY CHEMISTRY… drink lots of blessed water… eat foods closer to raw and organic…  bless everything you come in contact with…. LOVE is the highest antedote to everything including radioactivity.


Ordering the plates is super easy… you can pay via Western Union, or Paypal and your plates are sent out 2-3 days within receipt of your payment… what are you waiting for?  To begin the process, send me an email at, and we will get things rolling…  be well, Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Diego Brawn


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