The “Blood, Pus And Starch”-Free Diet: From slave-stimulating food to soul-nurturing food


The “Blood, Pus And Starch”-Free Diet

From slave-stimulating food to soul-nurturing food 

As I continue to resonate with new ways to be healthier, livelier, with more energy and zest, in balance with peace, meditation and rest, I came across the videos of Gzus Cryst.   He reminds us of the need to go blood, pus and starch-free in our diet… I was surprised about the ‘starch’ and he offers several insights about starch that it comes mainly from hybridized plants, and basically makes us all stiff inside.  That resonated with me as a missing link in my life as I have been eating well, but haven’t excluded starch.  Based on what Gzus says about starch, that would account for the stiffness in my body, which we are conditioned to accept as ‘aging’ as in anytime our body falls apart, we are ‘getting older’… however we have all seen examples of people who are getting older, but do not fall apart, and I wish to fall within this category, so I will offer further exploration in the blood pus and starch-free diet.

Avoid these acid forming foods… they will stimulate you… but will soon leave you crashing in your energy… then you may seek a coffee or coke for that next stimulation… this is a downward ride to aging, illness and slow death.

Blood:  animal-based food, meat, coldcuts, jello, weiners, sausage, bacon, ham, 

Pus:  milk

Excess starch:  simple carbs.. alcohol, white rice, white sugar, white flour… wheat… hybridized ‘manmade’ varieties from crossbred strains of wild food sources will produce excess starch:  potatoes, corn, carrots and others…  Some foods to avoid like corn and wheat may be surprising as we have come to trust them in our diet and in fact don’t they put corn and wheat in everything??????  [third eye alert]… but where do they come from?

The twist on this diet is that you basically avoid or minimize starchy domesticated foods.

Carrots as we know them haven’t existed for more than ~1200 years?

Potatoes domesticated 7,000–10,000 years ago?

Corn The history of modern-day maize begins at the dawn of human agriculture, about 10,000 years ago.?

Wheat has been dated to has been dated to 9,000 BCE?



Domesticating plants may produce starch… the more domesticated, the more starch… the more starch, the more everything about your life will slowly stiffen up… not only will your body be stiffer, but also within that stiffness will hold imbalanced thoughts and emotions… deadened energy…  is possible that all those people at the gym stretching their legs out…. people with bone problems, people who need to sleep lots, people with low energy who then purge on coffee and stimulants… all have in common blood, pus and starch-based diets?   

Are the lights going on for you as they are for me?


1   Basically if you ingest alot of blood, pus and starch, this will make you acidic and eventually sick and cancerous.

2.  Basically if you are acidic then you are going to be sicker and cancerous.

3.  Basically if you are acidic then you are more radioactive than the norm.

4.  If you are more radioactive than the norm, you are going to die faster, but be sicker along the way.

5.  An alkaline body will be cancer-freer and healthier.

6.  The ‘blood, pus and starch’  account for root causes of dietary acidity and thus unwellness and imbalance.

7.  Please note that many fast food menus and items normally eaten in western societies will contain nothing but a total and complete focus on starch, blood and pus.

8.  Western food is basically slave food, the more you eat it, the less powerful in your own health and vitality, you will be.

9.  When you arise in the morning, go meditate in the sun instead of coffee.

10. Don’t eat until 4-5 hours after you awaken, and don’t eat 4-5 hours before sleep.

11.  Drink lots of clean pure water including crystal water.


A person may ask, “okay what do I eat then?”

Choose any of the following: fruit, veggies, green, nuts, beans, ancient grains… make it tasty… learn how to sprout… learn how to prepare tasty raw-based meals… google is great for finding recipes.

Google ‘raw gourmet’ and tell me again how your food is gonna suck if you stop eating blood, pus and starch?

I’ve enjoyed deepfried blood and starch washed downed with chilled pus, just like anyone else, but I’m wanting a high vibratory food experience… so that I can take my own energy to the next level.

And while I am still awakening from my own dietary slumber, I consider this information to also propel me to the next level of cleaner living as I hope you will benefit from it… this new knowledge will be a revelation for many… enjoy and share freely with a link back to  may the blessings of spirit and wisdom bring you the abundance and health you are seeking.  I do sell ionic foot bath plates online to further assist people to take full control of the balance of their body chemistry and thus remove cancer risk, heavy metals, low energy, chemtails, radiation and more, from the body and accept paypal tips with gratitude.

We are learning to stop killing ourselves with food and instead, to love ourselves with food.

With the blessings to empower, inspire and delight to full culinary awakening,

Indian in the machine







Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) is a blogger, educator, musician and photographer, interested in all that empowers and restores our planet and selves on our spiritual awakening, who is available for skype sessionson Wednesdays.






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