The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

not bad for someone who has been chemtrailed, radiated, fluoridated, and lives in an environment of poisoned food, air, water and soil…. must be all those smoothies, himalayan salt baths, and ionic foot baths.  Please check the main page at LISTEN TO THE RED SHAMAN 2012 for more earth changes updates, health tips, shaman music and videos, and new ways to bring in the new crystal golden age.

The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Good morning in the dawning of the Golden Age!  I hope you’re continuing to seek out new ways to harmonize with the intense energies of change and renewal that are bathing our planet: solar flares, chemtrails, wifi, emf waves, radiation, earthquakes, pole shifting….all of this is causing the planet and ourselves to cleanse into better ways that are harmony…

The bear in me is also coming out of hibernation, stretching my body, detoxing in many ways, and planning….this is a time where it’s good to decipher one’s dreams…both day dreams and nightdreams.

The question remains every moment we awake…”What do I want to do with this day?”  Are you making daily lists if you feel it’s helpful to add to your longer-term lists?

I’ve been excitedly stocking up with a few food supplies… of particular interest these days is my 11lbs of spirulina (awesome for radiation), and organic unhulled hemp seeds.  While these seeds are radiated because (ALL INDUSTRIES APPEAR TO FEAR HEMP AT THIS TIME BECAUSE IT CAN REPLACE THEM ALL)…. nonetheless I firmly believe the hemp is one of the perfect foods on this planet….is there another? I’m open…

And so because hemp tends to bring out the God in everything… one of the “perfect proteins”…then along with “perfect protein” spirulina which also removes radiation….we have a perfection foundation for rebuilding the body…then add banana and some sweetness  and maybe some chai spices, we have….drum roll please…. ” The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet.”

The ultimate smoothie for a chemtrailed and nuclear radiated planet – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

(feel free to vary this recipe due to afford-ability or availability)

In one blender:

1/4 to 1/2 cup of unhulled hemp seeds (hulls will clean out intestine and deworm)….or other added sprouted nuts or seeds.

1/2 to 1 tsp of spirulina (anti-radiation)

1 banana or other fruit

Organic cane sugar or honey to sweeten (Many food conscious people will avoid sugar, but they are missing out on another one of God’s gifts…organic cane sugar… yum)

Add anti-parasite herbs: chai spices cinnamon, cardamon, all spice or other flavouring or medicines… hey if it can deworm a billion people in india, then chai is for me!

Add blood cleaner: burdock root powder goes nicely with this recipe and also cleans the blood)

Add ice  and pure water and blend on high speed.

You can filter, but seed hulls can be chewed and will automatically sink to bottom of cup.


When I drink this beverage I know now what it means when people say that the body assimilates hemp and spirulina very quickly…the sugar will nourish the blood in a rush..carrying the lifeforce of the sprouts with it.  You can feel the body rush, you can feel the brain rush…. this is how if feels when the body is coming into balance.




Indian in the machine



THE KEYS TO DETOXING YOUR BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS!… Himalayan salts, baking soda and ionic foot baths – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

My heart goes out to you…those of who are discovering the horrible nature of chemtrails, and coming into knowing as to the damage this is causing to the human body…  our planet is being sprayed by toxins in order to introduce disease and reduce the population…sounds crazy but it’s happening…sounds crazy, but it’s affecting our health, even if we don’t believe that chemtrails are real.



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