We’ve got the light codes – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

We’ve got the light codes – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dear ones,

My awakening spirit family… I don’t know about you but here in canada, people are coming more out of their winter hibernation…and I certainly am too.

I’ve been busy napping, blogging, processing, detoxing and making drums.

I managed to assemble a 11 piece drum set entirely made in native style drums, combined with made in china hardware holding it all together.

I’m also revving myself into better shape to be able to play this beauty of a drumset….

This drum set is going to assist people to awaken to their light codes.

You see my family, we have the light codes!

What does that mean?

It means that we’ve got the keys to the Golden Age and beyond… the blue print of our spiritual awakening is held in the light codes…the downloads of packets of information coming from God via the great central sun.

We can see the world around us struggle, and often we have some guidance within us, to assist people and ourselves in some way.

The awakening of humanity and ourselves is held within light codes.  Similar to a computer needs code to run, so does life need light codes to operate in ever more refined ways.

And so, as guides and wayshowers, we create ways to awaken the light codes, and then to become those light codes in action.

We can create joyful and spiritually uplifting ways to integrate the light codes in our own lives and then to share the opportunity with others who simply do not know the light codes even exist.

So dear ones… how do you share something with someone who doesn’t know it exists?

For me,  the drum is a big part of it.   In fact I can see that I haven’t shared that much drumming online…why is that?  Well it’s because I’m too busy drumming lol…. drumming and chanting is a great artform I appreciate.

Like eating and shitting are apart of our daily routines, get into asking your Higher Self for the daily download of your light codes, and then ask your spirit guides for guidance to manifest a joyful and uplifting expression of those light codes that has your unique energy signature… like a musician, play that note that completes the next chord and then bear witness to the beauty.



Indian in the machine



PS….solar storms have light codes as well… so remember this, either you will clean up your body to handle the EVER INCREASING IN INTENSITY SOLAR STORMS, or you fart, giggle and burp and do not take action….and then one day your body will not be able to handle the light and it will overload similar to electrical overload… your will continue break down until you reverse this process by detoxing your body of heavy metals that slow down the light that naturally wants to cycle through our bodies in ever increasing ways….I’m not telling you this to disempower you, I’m telling you this to empower.


In the old age, we atune our health to the status quo of what society believes.

In the new age, we atune our health to harmonize with the Light of the Universe.

Pure bodies enter the golden age.

Toxic bodies cannot enter the golden age.

The golden age is where only love can exist.

Whatever you want, is what you will get….this statement becomes truer, as all veils between us and instant manifestation are now being dissolved.



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