ALEXANDERLIGHT: The 4 cancer cures I’ve heard about!

ALEXANDERLIGHT: The 4 cancer cures I’ve heard about!

With friendship and respect, I want to post the cancer cures that I’ve heard of.

1. Hemp oil (THC kills cancer)! The cheapest and fastest cancer cure!
Click the following links:
-“Run from the cure”
-“The Emperor of Hemp” (6 parts)
-“Safely making medicinal hemp oil”
-“Official Site of Jack Herer”

2. B -17 Vitamin
Click the following links:
-“World without Cancer”
-“Cancer reversal testimony”
-“Five cancer reversal testimonies”

3. Sodium bicarbonate (?)
Haven’t had time to go over this treatment. I found about this one recently. Please do your own research if interested.
-“Sodium bicarbonate – cure for cancer!”

4. Alkaline Diet
Our friend posted here, on this forum, his experience with beating cancer:
-“1 Click here”
Other links:
– 2 Click here
– 3 Click here
Don’t forget the apricot seeds, which seem to be very helpful in this treatment!

I see no reason why people should not try ALL these cures combined.

Much love and light to all people in need! Good luck with the treatments and don’t forget to also add love in your treatments! 


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