Fresh Potato Juice could not only treat cancer but also cure many people who suffer from hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and kidney disease. For those who are suffering from chronic diseases, please try this treatment.

Raw Potato Juice

(The following article was originally written in Japanese. Its translation is presented here without editing. It’s well known in TCM that raw potato juice together with its skin can have efficacious healing effects but organic potatoes are preferable to avoid harmful man-made chemicals)

“There have been a number of cancer patients who have undergone this type of treatment this year, while several have gradually recovered, to the extent that when some are saved from the brink of death, they have called to inform of their eternal joy.”

Buddhist monk Master Tomizawa, who advocates fresh potato juice treatment, has received overwhelming response in letters from cancer sufferers from all over Japan, therefore this edition will again publish clinical cases of fresh potato juice treatment.

Mash fresh potatoes to pulp and continuously every day drink one to two glasses of potato juice derived from this pulp. This will mainly cure cancer, but recovery cases from liver disease, diabetes, gastric ulcer, kidney disease, heart disease, hypertension, lumbago and sore shoulders etc have also been reported.

For example, Mr T had a tumor growth under his ear which was diagnosed to be malignant and which had also been operated on before. He later received radiotherapy, but up to last year, his cancer cells had spread to his lungs. He was diagnosed to have lung cancer at a cancer specialist hospital, and proclaimed beyond cure. Thereafter he started actively participating in fresh potato juice treatment. At present, the spread of his cancer cells is under control and his physical strength has improved, and should be able to return to work.

No after-efffects: can be implemented immediately.

In Scholor Tomizawa’s book “The Way to Healthy Life: Cancer not to be Feared”, he wrote, “even though a patient might be undergoing operation on cancer, because of his fear cancer cells will spread or all its affected parts not cleared, he will continuously use anti-cancer drugs or undergo radiotherapy. However, it is seldom heard of that cancer is thus cured. Moreover, the risk of side effect from such treatment remains high. As a result, the patient loses his appetite and his body rapidly becomes weaker. On the contrary, treatment using fresh potato juice has no danger of any side effects at all and it enables the patient to restore his physical strength, as well as enhance his natural rehabilitative power. Potato is a kind of food with high nutritive value, if continuously consumed over a long period, it has a miraculous power that could suppress the growth of cancer cells.”

There is no risk at all in using Fresh Potato Juice Treatment. Anyone could start it immediately and within a very short period, one could really feel the effect. Anyone with soreness in his body could gradually reduce the aching feeling after one has taken the juice for one to two weeks. Even for those who had no soreness, their appetite would improve, skin appearance turned redder and their physical strength is expected to recover gradually after they had continuously taken the juice for even a short period.

A True Magic Wand For Instant Revival

However, Scholar Tomizawa warned those patients not to view Fresh Potato Juice as a drug. He said, “even though one only takes the juice and still not try to change the old habit of voluptuous life, then it can said that he is viewing potato as a medicine available in a medicine bottle. He seems to treat himself as a patient but without self-constraint and life-preservation. He takes medicine just for curing his disease in a light manner. When a human being is ailing, there is always a causative factor, for example voracious eating and drinking, yearning for delicious foods and non-controlled sleepless nights. Such living styples are major causes of sicknesses. As such, the responsibility of treating sickness would naturally have to be shouldered by himself. If one has brought his life to such a critical situation and yet still not prepared to change his living habits and intends to use Fresh Potato Juice just to cure once and for all his sickness, it is indeed a great mistake!”

Life accumulates disease little by little from one’s past to the present. Therefore if one intends to completely cure one’s disease, one has to make a 180 degree turnabout, ie, undergo an enormous change from one’s past lifestyle. The Fresh Potato Juice will then become the fairy wand that could truly revive one’s life.

How To Prepare Raw Potato Juice

The following is the method for preparing fresh potato juice (preferably from organic potatoes). For the first preparation of potatoes, there should be 2 to 3 large potatoes and 3 to 4 small ones.

First of all, brush the potatoes in water, make them clean and dry, then remove all the sprouts on them. Scrape whole potatoes with skins on into crumbled particles on a vegetable scraper-board. Place the crumbs into a cloth or jute rice bag with rather large mesh. Then squeeze hard to get the juice. One squeeze might yield one cup of juice (180 to 200cc).

Take the juice about 30-60 minutes before breakfast every day, i.e. drink it with an empty stomach. If possible, take one cupful of the juice before dinner. According to Scholar Tomizawa, one should drink the juice immediately after it is squeezed out and it is important to continue drinking every day.

For those who are weak and cannot drink one cupful at a time, drink with several intervals. For those who dislike drinking raw juice, about 30cc of some kind of fruit juice can be mixed together to make a drinking easier.

The Treatment Has Prevailed In Germany Since Ancient Times

According to Doctor Kinoshita who was very familiar with Chinese medicinal dietotherapy, he said, “Potato was called the ‘apple of the great earth’ in Europe, which showed it was a food with very rich nutrition especially in vitamin C and calcium. In Germany, people used to drink potato-scraped juice for treating gastric ulcer and constipation since olden times.”

Besides, potato has the effect of suppressing cancer growth. This was gradually proven by scientific experiments. Professor Kagamin from the Hygiene study in the Akita University Medical Department, successfully extracted a suppressive material, a pro-variation substance from potatoes. The significant effect of such material was affirmed through experiments conducted on mice. The research result was published last year in Germany where an International Cancer Society Conference was held.

The Fresh Potato Juice could not only treat cancer but also cure many people who suffer from hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and kidney disease. For those who are suffering from chronic diseases, please try this treatment.

Okada Akira, Medical Analyst





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  1. my comment is this why is it that every self help site or any site for that matter, that offers help with say a liver problem they are more interested in what they sell than actually giving you free help, yup i said it free I can create a site and sell anything but to save a life for free is shall we say priceless, I know its starting to work on my home site i created for my brother by the way dont forget the red mushroom folks need to know nice site by the way, oh the mushroom is rashie i believe thats how its spelled i think duhhhhhh lol it helps with the liver as well, but i will agree a good foot massage is great was never to into foot bubbles but hey if it works for you id say go with homeboys site here im sure he’s done his homework 🙂

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