TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1991 2:16 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 320


GERMAIN: I shall devote this portion to the world opinion and the world fear of radioactivity. It is not written to support evidence we have given, but merely to express the world voice. We include it, also, because the world fear does not know WHAT it fears. The effects are known, but the WHY of those effects are not known. That is why we must write the WHY, else the danger will be beyond remedy before the world becomes aware of it. Let me give two reasons for this statement before we quote the press, etc., and the fears of scientists.
The first and most obvious reason is the belief that the greatest danger from the use of radioactivity is defective births and leukemia. That danger will creep upon civilization without any way of detecting it — it already has, in a massive way. One cannot go about with instruments to measure genetic damage, as one can do to measure the amount of strontium and other radioactivity which is falling on the soil from year to year. Sterility will be an accompanying effect, while abnormalities of living bodies will be secondary. It could not be otherwise, for genes are not basic in potency. There is something behind and underneath genes, and that is the seed. No human has ever attempted to explain the seed; therefore, it is permissible for us to say that the principle of rebirth in bodies is not yet known on Earth. We covered that in the prior JOURNAL. We know it, however, and because of that we know the danger which has no meaning to those who do not know. This mystery has to do with knowledge of the purpose of inert gases in relation to the seeds of things. We will look at that more closely, also. Right here, however, we can say that every living body refolds into its seed simultaneously with its unfolding FROM its seed. I cannot urge you strongly enough to read this JOURNAL in companion with the prior JOURNAL, or the two prior ones, or this will make no sense to you.
With radioactivity in general use it is upon you that the translucent light of the inert gases, especially niton, which is described in relation to the deadly blue-white light radiations from radium, and the still more deadly blue light of uranium, will make seed-regeneration gradually impossible in either animal or vegetable species. This is the danger which will come unannounced. It might even seem a bit welcome in your state of overpopulation – but you are talking here about the demise of a planet and species of all living forms. This is the promise of the danger which will come – it is the one of which you must be the most apprehensive, for it could result in hundreds of millions of sterile humans and millions upon millions of defective births – in mere years of time.
Geneticists have already begun to talk about mutations, for they understand how the seed-pattern can be altered by abnormal environment, but beyond that, to the seed itself, and its manner of refolding a dimensioned material image, such as a hundred-ton oak, into a dimensionless, weightless, formless micro-pin-point inert gas recording of itself, they do not know. Do you not see that the plague of “AIDS” was introduced into the most “unlikely” groups for the spreading into the lineage of humanity? Then as the required time elapsed so that there is no way to reverse the disease – you have created an effective manner to control planet population in a massive way. The problem is, that with all the other bombardment of radioactive particulate – even the unintended shall eventually perish if this continues as it is moving. No one knows what the blue-white fluorescent light of inert gas from radium or from plutonium, means to the seed and to sterility. For instance, if a reactor plant, such as the Hanford one in Washington, is placed north of New York City, it will take only a very few short years before the whole of that vast watershed would have to be abandoned, including many other cities near New York – it should already be abandoned. For that matter the entire infrastructure of New York is terminal and there is no real evidence of rebuilding – the city is totally bankrupt in both money and life quality. Look at the insane placement of installations and the problems concomitant with them that have risen up in the past 40 years. You are basically already into terminal illness.
This projection can be mathematically calculated as easily as noting that a two-foot sapling will be ten feet high in a matter of a few years of growth. It is an orderly mathematical fact of growth. In the process of Nature it could not be otherwise. One could be forewarned of that danger before it had reached that extremity, but one cannot be forewarned of the sterility of all organic life until it has affected possibly more than half the population of the whole world in various degrees. Just this week Dharma and America West received a blasting letter about the “fear” thrown out of this place – well, you tell me if there might not be something herein to be concerned about! I don’t comment on the element of FEAR — BUT THESE ARE THE FACTS AND I WOULD MOST CERTAINLY BE A BIT CONCERNED ABOUT IT EVEN IF YOU LABEL IT “FEAR”.
When radium was first used its danger was not known. No one was then forewarned of it. Because of that fact a laboratory worker named Dr. Emil H. Grubbe, was constantly exposed to it until he developed cancer burns. These did not kill him but since then he underwent some 90 operations because of them. He lived into his eighties but now millions are the case instead of the exceptional one or two.
Someone asked Hatonn from a radio interview why “YOU DON’T GIVE US THE CURE FOR CANCER”, etc. This was the same disgusting and insulting person from Florida. There is no “cure” for “cancer” – you are creating new forms on an hourly basis. It does no good to try to bail out a sinking boat until you stop up the holes in the hull. It can also be equated to “healing me of this poison” while the next dose of poison is waiting in ever increased amount. To heal, you must stop giving the poison — FIRST!
Are you comfortable contemplating this fate? How about your children? Will there even be a time of your children’s children?
All the way back into your years of the 1920’s it began and I will speak of some of the old original cases. Dr. Percy Brown, a Boston X-ray specialist, had fifty operations because of various X-ray effects, including cancer. He died in 1950 after 24 years of suffering from those effects.
There was a well known case of accidental death which came to young Harry K. Daglian, Jr., of New London, and it is typical, for every known means of protection surrounded him every moment. Yet he died in 25 days because of the bomb test accident at Los Alamos, New Mexico. How long back was that, America?
Back in those days before radium danger was announced, seventeen girls had been employed to paint watch dials with a radium-mixed paint. One by one they all developed strange bone and blood diseases until all of them died. HOW CAN YOU ALLOW THIS ABSURD LIE TO CONTINUE CONCERNING AIDS? MY FATHER GOD OF CREATION — DO YOU NOT HAVE “REASON”?
Forgive my passion, for I cannot see how you can lay waste to that which has been created for you in such Love and abundance and at the same time, suicide an entire planet. Do you understand?? WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS RADIOACTIVITY ABOARD OUR CRAFT. WE LITERALLY HAVE TO NEUTRALIZE YOUR BEINGS BEFORE WE CAN BRING YOU ABOARD AND INTO SAFETY. CAN WE DO IT? YES, BUT THERE ARE TIMES WE WONDER “WHY” WE SHOULD SO DO! These dying metals are lethal to us, also, and damage greatly our own energy fields and stability, not to even mention the stability of a manifested craft. YOU ARE RELEASING UNIVERSAL DEATH RAYS, CHELAS, AND IT CANNOT GO ON FOR VERY MUCH LONGER LEST YOU DAMAGE THE UNIVERSE AND THAT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. HARKEN UP, I PLEAD WITH YOU.
As to the girls, it had been said that such a thing could not happen now because you are forewarned. There would be millions of cases continually happening where one could NOT be forewarned, such as the San Francisco case where someone accidentally stepped upon a tiny vial of radium salts with almost none in the vial, and exposed a whole city, which could have been wiped out because of just that tiny bit of radiation – had the accident not been accidentally discovered. YOU, WORLD, HAVE NO IDEA OF HOW WIDESPREAD THE INFILTRATION OF RADIATION IS WITHIN YOUR WORLD JUST FROM CHERNOBYL — AND THAT WAS AN INTENTIONAL THRUST. I care not what you “think” happened there – it was an intentional and deliberate action!
You have ones in Rosamond, California and Delano and other places near the growing fields and isolated spots where leukemia is occurring – THE CHILDREN ARE BEING RADIATED TO DISEASE AND THEN DEATH. The investigations into the “cluster” incidents are both stupid and useless. YOUR SPECIES IS BEING RADIATED TO DEATH!
Dr. Alfred H. Sturtevant is an eminent geneticist. In 1955 he made the following statement: “The last bomb test alone probably produced more than 70 human mutations which are likely to produce large numbers of defective children in the future.” That was in 1955 and you now average almost one per day in the Nevada test site alone. Your mental and other institutions for defectives are overflowed and your populace is functioning in a zombie state of walking dead – filled with depression, violence and all manner of actions which can be traced right back to this original source. The tax upon normal humans for the support of these defectives is a great burden. Such an increase in defectives as is produced by various forms of radioactivity threatens the very life form itself.
We have a second reason of concern at the misconception of beliefs in relation to the ability of matter to ABSORB other matter. For a specific example, the text books describe lithium as a metal which has great power for absorbing water. There is no such power in all Nature. Matter does NOT absorb, nor contract, nor attract. Matter is compressed and will expand and destroy, but it will not absorb. And in that misconception lies a terrible danger, for what does actually happen is that lithium expands oxygen and destroys it. And so does sodium, potassium, strontium, calcium and the other silvery white killer metals, which look like silver but which you could crush between your fingers. If lithium and sodium expand oxygen in water, and your body is two-thirds water, think of what it would do to your body. Always bear in mind that everything which is dying is expanding, or, conversely, expansion is the basic condition for necessary death. Sudden expansion causes flame and great heat, for sudden expansion is an electric short-circuit.
Another dangerous misconception is evidenced in the commonly used term” “…releases an extraordinary amount of energy”. Energy is not released. What actually happens is that potential is released, not energy – and that means expansion. Atomic fission helps matter to explode instantly instead of decaying over long periods. “Released energy” means quick expansion, and quick expansion into the universal vacuum is the death process of any kind of material body, whether it be iron, carbon or a human blood corpuscle. That conception which gives to energy the quality of expanding or contracting, is one of the contributing factors to the deadliness of radioactivity as a power for Man’s use. Energy is changeless. It is the eternal vacuum of the zero universe — God’s universe. To confuse the compressive power of electricity to create potential for the purpose of simulating energy, with energy itself, is extremely unfortunate.
Radioactivity has come into general use and there is a continual discharging of ultramicroscopic particles by the billions per square mile. Thousands of ships are also now utilizing such material and are releasing radioactivity into the seas which is already killing great numbers of your sea life. How long will it be before there is no fit food grown because of the pollution of material from the power plants in motion about your planet? How long will it be before there is no untainted food? Why do you think we are urging a move to grow in underground growing houses which protect from elements and radiation? Further, we will probably show you how to grow in mixtures of clean (deep) soil with additives of pumice-type filler to assist in cleansing the products. Such a thing as the “normal” food you are accustomed to will soon be impossible for you as it is for the cow, which is now compelled to eat contaminated grass to make into the milk you drink and the meat you consume.
Let me make one more clear attempt to tell you what I mean by the ability of metals like lithium, sodium, calcium or strontium to expand within you and hasten your death. I guarantee you will stop paying millions of dollars to be thin, or save yourself by cutting out cholesterol, or fat, or, or, or. A metal like iron, or gold, cannot hurt you from outside of your body because it will not expand unless you apply an intensely hot acetylene flame to it. Lithium will expand and explode in ordinary room temperature. It cannot be kept in its metallic state unless immersed in oil. If you touch an ordinary match to it a white hot flame quickly consumes it at the cost of a lot of oxygen.
Sodium will burst into flame without a match. Just throw it in water. The resultant flame does not absorb water, it expands the oxygen in it and sends it back into its cathode zero where all dead things go. It bursts into flame. Flame destroys. It does not absorb. A lesser heat than a flame expands towards death, even though it may not destroy.
In this connection the Atomic Energy Commission issued a report to the effect that the first atomic submarine, the Nautilus, had been in operation for some two years without a single illness from radioactive poison taking place. Here, of course, was the inference that the atomic submarine had been proven safe. Was it? Funny thing, in about 1974 the second atomic submarine, the Sea Wolf, was launched. It quickly became known that its liquid sodium power system could not be prevented from leakage and had to be removed. If a thousand or so such ships sailed the seas and each lost even a very little of such poison it would so utterly change the percentage of sodium in the ocean that no fish could survive it — and, where do you think all your fish have gone????? And what of the levels of contamination in the fish that are being hauled to your tables?
It is insane to believe that Man would actually continue to produce sure death – so we have to assume that they do not know the full extent of that which they do and work on the assumption of the lies and misinformation of scientific knowledge. It must be that the deadly nature of the killer metals is simply not known, nor that their power to kill lies in their power to expand every other atom or cell of matter with which they come in contact. It is that very power which makes them valuable and necessary in their own environment. Their ability to expand and “kill” granite, basalt, and other rock formations, gives to earth the few feet of decayed soil, atmosphere and water necessary for organic life.
Dharma, allow us a rest break please and then we will speak of findings and opinions of some 145 leading scientists who met for the purpose of studying this problem – guess what: under a financial grant by none less than the Rockefeller Foundation! Off the top of my mind, I believe the meeting was held around the mid-50’s. This was, of course, following the war and the cute little bombing of Japan.
By the way, I am reminded to tell you to keep your eyes on the volcanoes in the Philippines and in Japan. Pinatubo is going to have a bigger eruption than any to date — very, very soon. Damage from floods and ash/mud is incredible right now at Unzen in Japan – chelas, the news moves to all the distractions and you miss it all for the most part. By the way, they are not nearly through with California in case you plan to go back to sleep and leave preparations against earthquakes for another century.
Moreover, what of all the blithering and blabbering and threats about Saddam’s installations? Seems that when the crews got to the place to investigate — there is nothing except sand in the place where all those installations were supposed to be located! What do you make of that turn of events? Obviously someone wants to start another war perhaps? So be it.
I will stand aside now and allow Dharma to take rest. Thank you for your attention. I know this material doesn’t exactly “make your day” but not liking it will not change one iota of the TRUTH OF IT. SALU.

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