Indian in the machine ULTRA HAIR TONIC

Indian in the machine ULTRA HAIR TONIC

Most humans have temporarily lost their ability to care for their hair.
Most modern societies have turned to chemicals in regards to haircare, and brain damage has resulted.
As a result of using common chemical-based shampoos and conditioners, the crown chakra is compromised.
Many have been using shampoos and conditioners….government poisons that build up in the scalp and hair follicles in some cases, for many decades.
Experience the full essence of owning and maintaining hair with conscious effort on your part…perhaps you may wish to create a hair tonic.
The goal of Indian in the machine’s ULTRA HAIR TONIC is to remove toxins, balance pH, replenish with minerals, provide lifeforce.
I have devised a hair tonic that you give you hair you’ve never experienced before in this reincarnation.
Should you decide to take the Indian in the machine hair tonic challenge take before and after pics and send them to

Indian in the machine’s ULTRA HAIR TONIC

1/4 cup very strong herbal tea 1/8 apple cider vinegar (balance pH, reinvigorate, detox, for softness, natural shine)
Pinch of seasalt (for minerals)
Pinch cayenne (for detox, cleans blood vessels, oxygenates, stimulates cells)
1/2 lemon (to shed cells, and for lifeforce, vitamins, shine)
Appropriate essential oils may be added as you see fit like peppermint, tea tree, cedar, eucalyptus, and many more).
Dash of refrigerated cold pressed flax seed oil

Put all ingredients together and mix…..add to damp hair and use lots so that hair tonic penetrates scalp. After a few applications, you will notice that your hair is immediately and noticeably shiny, thicker with added moisture retention…easier to manage. Reliance on gels, sprays and other chemical goop, will be greatly reduced. Let your true beauty shine without government sanctioned poisons.

This tonic is may be used on the skin as well…especially after skin exfoliation….simply add more flax seed oil.



7 thoughts on “Indian in the machine ULTRA HAIR TONIC

  1. Thank Goodness for souls like you!! God Bless you!!! It’s now time to pump up the volume. You need to be on the airwaves……world puja ….. divine cosmos… etc…. I so appreciate you. I have been on the master cleanse for quite some time and I feel the everyone should do it. Thank you for the alternatives…. and I never even thought of the shampoos. It is so obvious that we are slowly being murdered by all the poison around us.
    Do you know anything about chemtrail??? The poison airplanes and is there anything you can suggest in our protection from it. Thank you and many many blessings to you!

    1. Shivah….thankyou and you are very blessed. Yeah I know about those nasty trails of chem…..orgonite comes immediately to mind…´s a simple technology that harnesses lifeforce energy…. you can read about it at

      Do you write articles? Would you write an article on your thoughts and what´s going on and maybe something about the master cleanse….I feel there should be some majoring master cleansing going on. 🙂 Thanks for considering,


  2. so the best thing we can do for ourselves would be to alkalize and crystalize our bodies? also to ionic boot bathe? ive been studying, detoxing, meditation and such. still a beginner. i want to be ready for whats coming. please help me! do you provide meditation classes so to speak on the site? chakra powering and such? i have found this site and it is remarkable! I know you are a child of light, and not of the dark ones, you share so much info with people as you seem to believe all mankind deserves to know, and i agree! you will hear alot from me. thanks in advance!

    1. oh i have another question. since our crown chakra has been compremised from shampoos and such, can it be renewed? the government knows what they are doing. keeping us from becoming superhuman. im pissed!


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