Detox….then eat living food….(repeat) – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Detox….then eat living food….(repeat) – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

The road to purification can go something like this…detox, then eat living food, detox….then eat living food.
This process will continue to regenerate your body including DNA.
Today the road to health means that we become DNA conscious…..DNA is one of many Light receptors of the body.
Our planet is going through a band of intense Light called the photon belt, therefore our DNA will need our loving respect, so that we can give it what it needs in order to rebuild our bodies.
As the DNA becomes multi-stranded, it becomes less like a ribbon (like two stranded DNA), and more like a crystal lattice.
We are effectively building bodies that will respond to crystal energy…..we are becoming crystal beings.
As we travel through the photon belt, our focus becomes magnified….thoughts, actions and intentions can be utilized to recreate reality in powerful ways.
As you introduce Light into your beingness by basking in the sun, eating raw foods, mastering throughts and emotions, purifying body….connecting with spirit….MARK THESE WORDS…..all your memories, past lives, skills, abilities, soul knowledge will all come back to you as gifts for making the journey.

Some ideas for balance and purity.
1. Fast from food once in a while, this is your body’s rest period.
2. Clean blessed magnetized water.
3. Eat charcoal (to remove heavy metals)
4. Eat and wear clay (to remove metals and to remineralize the body)
5. Salt baths along with 1/2cup baking soda (to remineralize and oxygenate cells while balancing pH if one is acidic).
6. Mineral bathes (to dilute toxins and provide means for body to eliminate toxins).
7. Juice the many common weeds that are safe and are great detoxifiers of the blood and liver (milk thistle, sow’s thistle, chickweed….take a look around). This is free medicine from Creator.
8. Drink coffee during your cleansing if you are called to do so….you may use it’s diuretic effect to very effectively flush the body when timed in accordance with any detoxification method.
9. Ionic foot baths can also assist. I sell one of the more expensive version by simply selling the ionic foot bath plates, the power source is purchased seperately. Ionic foot baths also greatly assist the elimination of heavy metals in the urine, this is of great benefit, especially if one wishes to effectively detox from chemtrails.

The reality is that there are over 1000000 chemicals in the environment, therefore they are also within us. Diligent conscious living including regular detox along with the introduction of raw living food (particularly green foods) are highly recommended at this time if you want to be in health, joy, balance and to live in more of the potential of everything that you are.

Be well, and may you continue to dance to the beat of the Universe,

Indian in the machine

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