Are you windows 95, windows 7 or a supercomputer? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Are you windows 95, windows 7 or a supercomputer? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Heavy metals in our diet and environment are absorbed throughout the body.
Heavy metal accumulation will occur over time, especially if one’s diet and environment are contaminated.
Heavy metals create electrical resistance in your body.
Your body is your operating system.
Heavy metals in your body will downgrade your internal computing operating system.
Many people have downgraded their bodies to “windows 95” because they do not understand the ingredients they eat or wear on their bodies.
A “windows 95” body is sluggish, malnourished, cancerous.
A “windows 95” person feels fear, hopelessness, anger….all the time except for temporary unsustainable highs.
A detoxed body will never be a “windows 95″………a detoxed body becomes a supercomputer.
A person who’s body is a supercomputer will have great efficiency….heavy metal removal from the body will reduce the electrical resistance.
Your government wanted you to be “windows 95” so they contaminated the food supply on purpose……
Your role is to take your “windows 95” and go for a major upgrade…..this will recreate yourself as a supercomputer of higher consciousness.
Imagine what you’ll be able to do once again……your memory will return, your emotions will be in balance, you will clearly hear the voice of your Higher Self, guiding you on your path….your greatest joys will reveal themselves to you as you attract them with easy, joy and spirit.
Imagine yourself attracting the greatest most pleasurable adventures with grace and compassion.
Feel yourself freeing from the values, attitudes and beliefs of family, community and planet, that no longer serve you.
Be grateful to be on this planet at this time, we are the chosen ones.
We chose to experience contamination……now once again we move towards purification….we do so because we love ourselves and the Universe.

Indian in the machine
Detoxing Indian from canada with a third eye popping website




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